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  1. Aly,
    Watch your videos, have the book and have ordered the slip leash. Have an 11 week old pup from Premiere Labradoodles, Turley. Have an issue that I don’t see anyone addressing or at least that I can find an answer for. When on leash, Turley wants to play, grabs leash and pulls. growls and prances. Its play not fight the leash. When he is listening and lets go with a “no” he will walk and doesn’t “fight” the leash. It is just play but I don’t know how to break the habit. A blog or advice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Sal,
      I post videos all the time on this issue…just yesterday showed a pup out on a walk that did it! Be sure to be checking my FB page at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp–that’s where all the videos go. And my Pillars of Pack Leaderhsip–FREE DOG TRAINING TIPS! And don’t forget about my on-line academy!!! It’s a self-paced course with 35 + of me and dogs and learning for you! I’ll keep on sharing and you keep on learning! Now go on, live life with your dog in a safe, sane and civilized way!

  2. Hello,
    I’m in love with Bo and met him in the elevator at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles along with your husband, we had a small conversation about Bo and I told him I’m looking for a special dog that would help with my husband PTSD that he got while sailing in Mexico (a very intense story) I will share later with you. Bo was such a gentlemen and when I asked to pet him I fell in love instantly.
    I’m writing to you to start the conversation and process of having Bo or a dog like Bo come into our home.
    Thank you so very much,
    Kathleen Hileman

    • As you may remember, Bo was matched and lives in Portland! WE have his niece Minnie that is now with us! email me at if interesetd. She is one of my WORLD CLASS Doodle Ambassadors and is priced at 20,000.00–and worth every, single, penny.

  3. Just wanted to be sure that you received our interest for Bo!
    Can you please confirm?
    With kind regards.
    U & D Hess

  4. Requesting a referral. I live in Lakewood/Long Beach, CA. I’d like to leave my Molly at a training facility for 2 weeks while I’m on vacation. Molly is 11 months, Yorkie. She needs everything.
    Any suggestions?

    I love your emails and video’s so much! Thank you.

    • Hi Cindy, I can’t believe I’m just seeing this email…so sorry for the dealy. Seems there was a techno glitch. You can see my plans and packages and what it takes to get on my schedule is a 1000.00 deposit and signed contract. If interested to move forward, I’ll send you my dog assessment intake form that lets you tell me all about you, your dog and training goals. We are currently taking applications for May and beyond!

  5. Hi Ally!
    My name is Marc and we just bought a blue heeler for christmas, she’s about 4 months old. I’m not sure how your program works, but I’m just looking for general training advice and tips. What information can you provide? Do you have online articles, videos, etc?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hey Marc, join our Pillars of Pack Leadership–FREE DOG Training Tips on Facebook and start your free education! Enjoy!

  6. Aly,
    My girls are going to be here for a few days. I was thinking about including a visit to the puppy camp during their time with us. I don’t know if it will work out but I thought they would enjoy it. What do you think.


    • Bill, I can’t believe I missed this email….so so so sorry! ANYTIME you want to come out….do so!!! 805-714-5896!

  7. Trying to order your learning leash online and says my cart is empty. I live near AG do you sell these in a local pet shop?

  8. please call when possible , i have an interest in purchasing one of your fully trained pups, thank you

    Blake Topal

    • Please visit – under “Dogs for Sale”, find dog’s profile (just choose one, unless you know that there is one you like) – after it is opened click on “Inquire Now” there you can complete and submit the application. Thanks! Aly

  9. Hello. I’m interested in your retired adults. My 13 year old Giant Schnauzer, Millie, passed in March. She’s been with me every day of her life, short of maybe 60 days. I’m a retired lawyer, disabled and fairly deaf, and Millie would alert me to sounds and provide so much comfort. I’m 60 now and a puppy would likely be too much for me. The Giant Schnauzer is a beautiful breed, but extremely demanding and complex; they are not the keenest on transferring loyalty to another owner. She was my second Giant; I’ve had nonstop dog days for 23 years and I’m fairly miserable now without one. Please let me know who is available and might be suitable. Millie was 80 lbs, and her predecessor, Willie, was 90 lbs. I think a medium size dog might be best. Also, I’d like to train the dog to alert me to sounds. Thanks

    Here is Millie:!AiN–8nWWR0kpo8PNJstKeMYquSj2g

    • Tom is in Central California…please visit – under “Dogs for Sale”, find Tom’s profile – after it is opened click on “Inquire Now” there you can complete and submit the application. Thanks! Aly

  10. Hello. I am interested in a golden doodle (perhaps labradoodle). I recently lost my beloved Ragdoll cat and am now ready to share my life with a mini doodle whom I can have as a therapy dog in my practice. I am am an older active woman and work three days a week as a psychotherapist. I work with all mid-life issues, anxiety, loss, life transitions, and depressionI am looking for a trained, preferably female, dog with a calm temperament who would enjoy a quiet home.

    Do you train puppies newly purchased and what is the cost? And what is your asking price for a trained golden doodle or labradoodle?

    I can be reached at 209-483-0004.

  11. Hi I just wanted to inquire to see if you have any mini goldendoodles are looking for the tan or light red I’d prefer one that is around six months to a year old that’s been trained I love what you do thank you

  12. Alyson:

    I’ve been following your web page for a couple of years. My wife and I are retired in Dana Point and over the years we have parented four wonderful yellow labs. We lost our last one about a year ago. We are renting a house in Dana Point and I’ve just convinced our landlord to modify the lease to allow us to get a dog. We want to get a adult female labradoodle . I’ve checked out several of the girls you have for sale and would like to be considered for their adoption. Please let me know what I need to do next. I can be reached at this email address and/or by phone 562 225 7169.

    Regards. Scott Pratt

    • Scott, be sure to click the GREEN INTERESTED button on any dog for sale because it send you to my DOG APPLICATION which will be where you tell me all about you, your living situation and season in life! And then the next step is a meeting with me! I look foward to helping you find your next pooch!

  13. Good morning. Thank you for my leash order. I’m looking forward to receiving the DVD that we’re to be included.
    Thank you.
    D Figueroa
    4520 Saratoga. Redding ca 96002

    • Debbie, the videos are sent digitally, NOT in DVD or CD formatt. IF you have any trouble opening your LINK that is emailed to you, please email us at info@alyspuppybootcamp and in the subject line, write: CAN’T FIND DIGITAL LINK for my video!

  14. Hi! Is is possible to get the small lead in a 4ft length? And how do I select 4ft for the regular size? Any discounts for multiple purchases?

    • Hi Holly,
      I am no longer going to carry the 4 ft. length, but I do have several remaining of that length in a couple of colors. No more of length will be coming after this inventory is gone. I have couple of colors remaining. Email me at No, there is no discount current discount for multiple orders from my website.

  15. Hi, Alyson, aka Dr. Doolittle and Doodle Whisperer:

    I was referred to you by Susan Greely of I am looking for a Labradoodle, male, in the range of approximately 2-4 years old. She thought you might help. I live in Los Angeles, but can certainly come to you.

    Thank you so much for any help. If you could also tell me what you take to be a force of nature, with enegry extraordinaire, I’d like to get some, too!! 🙂


    • My mom and dad always wished they could bottle up my energy, LOL! We would be honored in helping you find your future perfect match companion! AND YES, a meeting with us is most certainly a necessary part of our program. Please fill out the GREEN INTERESTED button on ANY of our dogs on our Trained Dogs for Sale page because it will take you direclty to our Dog Application form where you tell me all about you and your season in life. I will then send you all kinds of information about who, what, why, where, when and how much…..and we move on from there! Looking forward to helping you on this journey!

  16. Hello I just filled out the application for Finny ! Looking forward to speaking with you! I love all the dogs! They are all so cute and sound wonderful ! What a blessing you are to devote your life to helping people and these beautiful dogs! Such a rewarding life!

  17. Someone told me that you trained a Bernedoodle and I’m looking for a reputable breeder. We lost our Bernese Mountain Dog a few months ago the day before her 9th birthday! We really miss her, and are considering a Bernedoodle for our next forever friend. If you know of a breeder or would give our name and phone # to the person that brought their dog to you, i’d Appreciate it. Thanks, Nancy Slattery 1 (805) 458-3856

  18. Hi Wendy,
    We currently have 2 remaining puppy spots for November (just booked one this afternoon!) Please email me at and we will send you our informaiton on our packages, prices, contracts, etc. We look forward to helping you get PUPPY PREPARED!

  19. Actually, Kathy, the email we send is chalk full of ANSWERS to all your exact questions except for scheduling…. also our FAQ’s address many of the questions you ask as well. Here goes: Closest Airport: San Luis Obispo We receive puppies every day of the week, and conduct graduations every day as well. My wait list depends upon the given week and the age of the dog and the program selected. I currently have reservations coming in for November, Dec. and Jan 2019 as well. Puppies go to vets with me for full check ups and shots.
    I only accept puppies from approved breeders. And puppies either arrive to me directly from an approved breeder or they arrive to me after 16-weeks-old. Your breeder and I have to get to know each other for sure. Hope that helps. Once you book with us, we send you a complete list of hotels, things you need for pup, etc.

    • Haley, be sure to click the GREEN “See Finny’s Profile” link at the bottom of his pic under “Dog for Sale” at It will send you to my DOG APPLICATION which will be where you tell me all about you, your living situation and season in life! And then the next step is a meeting with me! I look forward to helping you find your next pooch!

  20. Trying to order your slip leash but having trouble with the check out process. Can I order it by phone with you and credit card?

  21. Hi We’re ready to sign Gizmo up for boot camp. I emailed you, but in case you didn’t get it, I’m also using this venue. We talked yesterday. Gizmo is a Brasken doodle who is 20 months old. We’d like to start soon, as we are getting another pup from Brasken around October 11th and want to have Gizmo finished before we pick up the new pup. I think a 2 week program makes sense.

    I’d like the dog intake questionnaire and what else you send. Thanks.

    • Good for you for messaging both places! This one is a little slower…obviously 🙂
      Glad we have been in touch!
      Any more questions…you know where to reach me!

  22. I am interested in Joe. Could you give me pricing including transportation. I live in Yuma, AZ.
    Also if i decide to pick him up, how much is the airfare for him? does he go in a seat? or does he go cargo??? I live in a 2 acre ranch and kids are gone to college. I work about 14 per month 12 hour shifts some time nights sometimes days. I have ppl that come to help me care for the ranch that can keep an eye on him during the day. I would be willing to buy two dogs so they wouldnt be lonely when i am gone. … thank you . Liam.

    • Curtis…
      You can view Dogs for Sale on my website at . – be sure to click the GREEN PROFILE button on any dog for sale, it will send you to my DOG APPLICATION which is where you tell me all about you, your living situation and season in life! The next step is a meeting with me! I look forward to helping you find your next pooch!

    • There are no national prerequisites or national certifications for service dogs but every service dog must have all ADA compliance public access behaviors in place and of course training is what makes that happen. It takes years to produce a finish service dog and training is an absolute must.

  23. I am a 81 yr old 100 % disabled marine vet, alone for first time in 55 yrs. Private home on golf course in sunset beach n.c. please call me. very interested if I can afford your service . need advise please call 704 408 6092

  24. I am interested in ordering the blue leash in a regular size, but when I go to color choices, that color is not listed. Is it temporarily unavailable?

  25. Hello Alyson,

    I was looking through your fantastic website and came across little Adeline, the French Bulldog. I first found your site on the web as I am trying to find an emotional support dog for my daughter who was involved in a near fatal accident in Long Beach, CA earlier this year. After 2 months in the hospital with her, we had to move her back to FL for rehabilitation. She is recovering physically, although it will be about another year until she is 100%. However, both her doctor and therapist has strongly suggested she get an emotional therapy dog to help her with depression, anxiety and PTSD following her accident. So I have several questions. First of all, I’m not sure where you are located. Are you in California? Secondly, what are the costs involved in purchasing a dog from you? I appreciate you help, and I send kudos to you on your fabulous site and the work that you do. I look forward to hearing from you!

  26. Hi,
    We are looking for an older dog that is house trained. The two that stood out to me were Jett and Duke. We have a son that we adopted that has had a very difficult life and is having flash backs and we would like a dog for him to help him through this. Could you please let me know the price and how flights and things work. I would love it if you could call me. My number is 907-220-7591. Thanks so much, Teresa Ward

  27. I received my leash, and am a bit confused. I video I saw advertising it, looked as though it could be used like a gentle leader, mean it fit around the face, as well as the slip loop. I was disappointed, in that absolutely no instruction came with the leash, and no link to the training video. I cannot find the original video I found in the advertisement, and feel lost. Could someone please point me in the right direction. I have looked on Facebook, on the website, and everywhere I could think of. Needless to say I’m a bit frustrated. I left a messenger message on Facebook as well, but no one has replied. Oh and I also posted hoping anyone apart of the group could point me to the video. I really feel this should not be so difficult for a new owner of this leash.

  28. Hello Aly
    Say your adorable Rory! I’m looking for a 15 lb hypoallergenic pup to travel via plane , that is trained. I travel between Florida and Massachusetts seasonally. When do you release puppies and what are the estiamated costs? I’d like an advanced trained pup. I just lost my baby of 14 years.
    Thank you for your assistance ,
    Linda Jones

  29. Hi Aly,
    My family is very interested in your program and getting a trained dog. You have a few on your website that would be a perfect fit for us.
    I was wondering where you are located and pricing for your dogs.

  30. Hi, I just lost my loving wife of 52 years in May. We had no children and I am in need of a companion. I am 71 with walking problems.

  31. I have an 3-month old bordoodle (border collie + poodle) that I’d like to sign up for Puppy Potty Camp Silver Package. Please let me know if you have availability and when the next class starts. Thank you!

  32. Hello my name is JasmineMarie and I was wondering if I could get a dog that is trained and has the possibility of being a service dog. I do want to know how much it would cost , can I reserve a dog for August 2019 time fram and can I start paying in advance.
    Thank u for your time

  33. I was ordering a leash online, ARLYNDA ECKSTEIN. I clicked the link to order more after I had ordered one, to see if I could get one of a different color. It automatically added 3 more for $47. I went back, to see if I could again select the color I wanted, and 3 more were ordered for $47. I only want one if it is turquoise. That color is not what we want. Please cancel the two additional orders I inadvertently ordered.

  34. Hello. I am looking for additional information about a service dog for my 9 year old with sever anxiety, SPD and panic attacks.
    Thank you.
    Dana Price

  35. We are getting a hale 8 week old puppy and wondered what boot camp you’d recommend and at what age?
    I have three kids under 5 so I don’t have a ton of time to train. I’d def need help. Also where are you located?
    Thanks so much!
    Rachel Johnson

  36. Hi,

    I would love an opportunity to review the possibility of finding an adult labradoodle to join our home, either over the phone or via email. I am a very active boomer that runs a non profit that works to help seniors live more active and meaningful lives and one of our programs is Cycling Without Age Greater Madison and we also want to add pet visits for seniors, plus I own an assisted living home for seniors as well on a 1.5 acre lot. The dog would not live with the seniors but it would visit them often and join us on outings, walks, etc. There are two residents in their 60’s that are disabled that love dogs and would truly benefit from having a dog visit them routinely. Plus walking is my favorite activity so I would love walking daily with a dog. If someone would be able to contact me to discuss whether or not an adult labradoodle would be a good fit for my lifestyle and home that would be great. My website for my assisted living is and my non profit website is
    I can be reached at (608) 669-5542 or email Thank you! Kate

  37. Ally,

    We are interested in purchasing one of the already trained dogs, preferably a Chocolate Lab Retriever for primarily a therapy dog. Thank you and please feel free to email us back whenever you get a chance.

  38. Hello! I just sent an email regarding a specific dog, but I was wondering if it was possible to have a phone conversation with you. We are looking to add a dog to our family, and also a dog that I could take to work as both a therapist and CPS social worker. We live on a 20 acre apple ranch with horses, chickens, and pigs. A dog would love it here, and we would love a dog in our life. I have a lot of questions about how we would need to prepare/reorient our life to include a new member to our family before we would proceed, including what it would take to have a dog certified as a therapy dog. We are open to what it would take and what you would suggest, just want to know more! If it is possible for us to have a phone conversation, please email me how I could contact you directly. Thank you so much!

    • Dene…I replied to you via email from Take a look at the Current Dogs for Sale doc and the Programs doc and I will be happy to answer any questions after that. The next step actually is phone call/FaceTime! I look forward to hearing from you soon! FYI…Saturdays are extremely busy days, I have graduations back-to-back. If you reply to the email, I will get back to you ASAP!

  39. I have a Hales Labradoodle who is 2 but went thru a training at Petco. We are having training issues with Zoe dropping to the ground and not moving. She passed CGC 1 year ago, but now is barking,
    Pulling, not listening to calls, and jumping? I wanted to get her Therapy Trained but shes reverted back. Need help.

  40. I have recently purchased 2 of your leashes. I cannot keep them on my dogs. They pull them off as soon as I put them on. I would like to know how to return them?

  41. Aly,
    My name is Natalie Herrera and have been researching your current doodles. I am very interested in Duke and think he would be the best of our interest in our household. We are a loving and active family of four who has had a miniature poodle and maltipoo, so we are very familiar with the poodle lifestyle. I would love to meet and discuss pricing and further information with you.
    Thank you for your time

  42. Alyson,

    I am a 48 year old woman who has survived breast cancer, and now divorce. My children are young adults and I now live by myself in an upscale apartment with an outdoor balcony. I have been given an emotional dog certificate & have been given the okay by my apartment owners and the shop owners- where I work 5 days a week for 5 hour shifts-to have a dog with me.

    I am super interested in Jett, Bailey & Adeline.

    Perhaps we could have a phone conversation in regards to these dogs and any others you would suggest.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Lori B. Stites
    Bend, OR

  43. Dear Friends: I am a 79 yr old man in faulry good health,. T do have back issues and cant do certain things, I want a companion dog so badly, but require that it be trained. I don’t know if you can help me but I do not know who to turn too, Thank you for any help you may give me.
    Yours sincelerly
    Martin Ross

  44. Hi Aly,
    We just sent an inquiry about Tiny. I just want to confirm you received it as when I pressed “send”, it went to a blank page. Also, we couldn’t figure out how to access more photos and videos of her, help please.
    Thank you,
    Susan Gilman

  45. You sent the wrong size I need a slip lead for a four month old German Shepherd puppy not a poodle ! As far as exchanging I have no information on where to send this back nor do I have the time to be going to the post office I work two jobs . Please help me get this right thank you !

  46. Hi Alyson,
    I found your website via a Google search and am happy I did. I am a School Psychologist in Washington State and have been looking into getting a small dog to have as a therapy dog. I have a daughter at home with severe anxiety as well. Animals have always been my therapy so I have started doing a lot of research on therapy dogs who can sense anxiety. My hope is to be able to get a dog for my daughter, and then take him/her to work with me. Because of issues with allergies in schools, I am looking for a non-shedding, mini pup that would be trained. What are your thoughts on this and do you have recommendations on types? Thank you! 🙂

  47. I am a 73 year old male living by myself in Solana Beach CA. I am very active working out 2/3 hours a day surfing ,gym, swimming. I recently loss my son in NYC and his death has me looking for a trained companion dog. Could you call me at(646) 620-9999 and we can discuss what might be appropriate. Thanks.

  48. Hi! I am in search of a dog for a pet and to develop as a therapy dog to visit hospitals, schools, etc. I would be open to a puppy where I would do most of the training or an older dog who has already had some training. I am just putting feelers out to see what might be available. I am in touch with the Halo Foundation in Oklahoma City (near where I am from) and Integris Baptist Hospital about getting a dog certified and becoming a certified volunteer in the hospital system when the time comes. I am really just beginning this process but I am super excited. Thanks for any information on which of your dogs you think might be best for my needs.

  49. I am a disabled man looking for a trained dod. I am 66 years old and wonder how much your dogs would cost. Thanks Tim Poffenroth

  50. Hello,

    We are a couple of 60 year olds… with a 16 year old daughter.

    Looking for a non puppy labradoodle with a great personality.

    Ideas? Can you give me an idea of expected pricing?


  51. Hi. The regular leash would work for a 50 pound goldendoodle? Do the leashes come with instructions or helping info. on using? Thanks

  52. How do i get the Free 3 part series on stop a dog from pulling on a leash? I submitted my name and email but I’m not sure how to get the info

  53. So excited Aly to meet Jett and you soon. Tracey and I will leave her November 9th and Getting excited about meeting Jett and you soon. We plan on leaving here on the 9th and come back on the 11th. Your assistant e-mailed me places to stay, but I need them again as I cannot find them on my computer. HELP!!

    I will bring check with me as well.

    Need your address as well.

    See you soon.

    Bill Moison

  54. Hi Aly!

    I was referred to you by Candace at Moo Cow Labradoodles. I’m looking for a trained puppy or dog to be a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD). I need a dog that can go anywhere with me and my understanding is that an Emotional Support Animal is very limited on where it can go. My understanding that training for a PSD does not require the extensive training that a Service Dog requires.

    I see on your website that you offer trained dogs, some of which are in your Ambassador Elite Trained Dog program. I have come across dog trainers that will provide training for a dog that I select. Well, I’m not an expert on finding the right puppy with the right temperament to become a service dog and I’m hoping you can help.

    Can we please set up a time to talk?


  55. Hi Aly!

    I contacted you about an hour ago regarding your trained dogs. I came across your Affiliation page on your website and took a look at Hales Australian Labradoodles. They have a few puppies available and I’m interested in two of them. You offer Puppy or Dog Picker Consultation and I would be interested in using this service if you currently don’t have a puppy that would be a fit for me. If my option is to use your Puppy or Dog Picker Consultation, I would also be interested in your training services.

    Thanks again for your time!

  56. Hi! I got your info from Sweet Home Labradoodles. We are looking for a labradoodle that is a bit older than a young puppy and that has some crate training. We live in Escondido just north of San Diego. We have a 10 mos female border collier/terrier mix and looking for another small to medium dog. We have never had a labradoodle but in the past had a wheaten/cattle dog mix, wirehaired fox terrier and our last dog was a welsh terrier. He passed at age 14 in May. We have a large fenced back yard and live around the corner from a large county park. Maybe you have an older pup or young dog that would be a good match for us.

  57. Dear Alyson,

    Before filling out the application, I would like to know how much does it cost Bailey (Australian Labradoodle, 6 years old).
    Thank you very much,


  58. Hi Alyson!
    I am currently “browsing” for a puppy right now but one our big needs is that the dog is trained. We are look for a medium-large golden doodle or a labradoodle, is a golden/red color. Can’t wait to hear from you!

  59. Hi Ally:

    I have a patient that was trained by you and I am IN LOVE with him. I have been looking for a female Goldendoodle for my daughter and I, and of course knew I had to reach out.

    It appears that you may have a couple of different female Doodles available, if your website is current t0-date. If that is the case, I am VERY interested!

    Please call at your earliest convenience so I can learn more about availability, etc.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Jodi Woods
    (760) 697-0697

  60. I am interested in almost every dog available for adoption. We could be in the area last week of Dec first of Jan. Any chance to meet available dogs?

  61. Hi there, I commented on one of your facebook posts about Tristan. Our family is considering adding a furry friend to our family. We live in the Denver metro area. We are a family of 4, which includes 2 boys ages 8 & 6. Our oldest son, Beau, has Crohn’s disease and has been begging for a puppy for years. Our youngest has slight allergies so we are interested in a doodle. My husband grew up with dogs his whole life, me on the other hand, never had pets growing up or as an adult. I work from home so I will be the one hanging and caring for the dog most of the time. I found your website because I definitely am interested in a trained dog. We had thought about getting an older dog 2-3 yrs for this reason, but are also open to a trained younger pup. My husband is more interested in a male dog, but I think we are open to finding the best fit possible. We would like a dog that is more calm, mainly because Beau is really looking for a cuddling dog. The time frame we are looking for is sometime late Spring, maybe April, May. Can you please let me know your costs and where you are located? Do you ever get any mini Bernedoodles?

  62. Hi Aly,

    We are reaching out to you about our Brasken Labradoodle. We spoke with Brandon the other day about our dog’s “alpha” behaviors and he advised us to reach out to you. We have recently been dealing with some growling and snarling, a few snaps, all related to guarding certain things (food, toys, etc.) We are working on it now by not allowing him on the bed or couch and making sure we are the first in and out of doors. But we need more help to totally squash these behaviors.

  63. Hello, I’m wanting to get a therapy dog for my son. He was adopted out of foster care and had lots of trauma. I would like to know the price range to see if this is even a possibility for us.

  64. Hi
    I have 2 small dogs.. did have 3 and dynamics were better when there were 3 dogs. So I’m looking for a large doodle.. could u help me ?

  65. Aly, My wife and I are looking for a female 3 year old. I was amazed, this morning, there were lots of dogs for sale. Two hours later, they are all sold. You have a great reputation and business. We met Steve and Karen Barney in St Louis this week end. Their dog was Beautiful. Can you tell me what the cost of a three year old is? We have decided to get one of these dogs, just trying to figure out what the cost range is.



  66. I am interested in learning more about Jacob.
    I live on Amelia Island Florida.
    is Jacob still for sale?
    what size do you think he will be full grown?

  67. Dear,
    Me and my husband are very fond of the breed labradoddle mini. We are about 60 years old and lost our dear Figo ,an australien terrier one year ago. We are living half year in Portugal in a small flat and the summers in Sweden where we have a summerhouse and a big garden and forest around. Sometimes we are dogsitters to a lovely labradoddle and therefor know that the breed will suit us.
    If we will start with a fostred dog as we have grandchildren and a big family how much will the cost be?Is it possible to get,a dog under 8 kilos so that we can have her in the cabin on the flight between Sweden and Portugal? Can we come and visit your place now in January? Best wishes Margareta and Lars Backlund

  68. Hi. We have a mini labradoodle born 2.14.18. We are interested in your Platinum package. Is it a 2 week program in total? Or 2 weeks in addition to the 3 week Diamond package? Where are you located? How soon could. Baxter get started?

    • I’m so glad we have had the chance to chat via email Diane! Thanks for your message. I look forward to chatting more about Baxter!

  69. Hi,
    We are looking for an adult doodle to adopt, hopefully chocolate and medium sized. We are ready to adopt the right doodle for us.

    Thank you for your kind attention,

    Eleanor and John Pett
    Sunnyvale , Ca.

  70. I have been a dog-lover all my life, and lost my beloved miniature poodle, Brady a year and a half ago. Brady was 15 and the best dog I’ve ever had. I am aging but in good health, live an active life with my husband who is also in good health. I am also a writer and spend a good deal of time in my office but also spend an hour a day on the treadmill since I no longer have a dog to walk. We live in a retirement community in the country outside of Lancaster, PA, on the second floor in a large apt. which Brady adjusted to after living in a single home with no problem. We have stairs right outside our apt., lots of walking areas and also an elevator. I need a trained dog since it would be hard to housebreak a dog under these circumstances but I would be willing to move to a rancher on campus if needed.

  71. I live in Santa Barbara and am interested to find out more about Jacob. If still available can you send size, cost and any other info. i think we could be the perfect match for him!

  72. HI Aly,

    My friend Peggy O. mentioned that she got her doodle through one of your breeder connections. We have a beloved female Australian Labradoodle and are interested in getting another one this summer (probably male based on my research regarding two dog homes?). I noted your wonderful dogs (such as Tristan!). I am wondering how much you typically charge? I did not see prices on your site.



  73. Hello Alyson:

    Where are you located? We live in Milton, Mass, 02186. We have an 8 week old yellow lab who needs to be house broken etc. We work full time and have a 2 year old. Do you offer a service to train puppies so young? How long does it take before they would come home?

    Please confirm you do not use the shock treatment. I know that is common with training and I am not a fan of it.

    Thank you!

  74. Hi my name is Lindsey, I recently adopted an olde English Bulldog and my fiancée and I are interested in the puppy bootcamp. We are curious about pricing and requirements.

  75. Do you train for a service dog? I’m looking to get a goldendoodle or labradoodle for my son as a emotional support dog… to help with deep pressure therapy when he has meltdowns. My son has mild cerebral palsy

  76. Hi Aly,
    I’m hoping to find out more about a dog that may be a good fit for our family, with special focus on one of the children’s needs. Is it possible for you to contact me directly as I cannot post personal details on any kind of social media as children mentioned are minors in Foster care and confidentiality is necessary.
    Thank you, and have great day.

  77. Alyson-
    I hope all is well. I am interested in speaking with you about finding the just right breed and just right pup for our family. We would love to find the right pup for our small family- me, my husband and son (8 years old). Please let me know when you have a moment to chat about this.

    Many thanks-

  78. Hi Aly, we just received our Learning Leash. We are concerned about the size of the safety latch, our bigger pup is 90 lbs. Will that hold his collar if he should dash after a squirrel?

    Thank you for your videos and especially this great leash!

    • Linda…
      The safety is stitched very well and should hold if the slip lead comes off. The safety is the main attachment on the apparatus. It is there for back up. Since it attaches to the flat collar on the dog it makes for a great back up. You just need to ensure that the flat collar is put on snug enough that it cannot be pulled off.

  79. Hello,

    My partner and I were hoping to find a puppy training camp to help guide and train our new rescued puppy Watt . I has extremely good potential, he’s already very well behaved but we’re worried that while we were away in January, staying with someone other than a professional to continue his training, will change that. We were looking to enroll Watt into a puppy camp during this duration.


  80. Hi there! I was wondering if you had any contacts or available pups that would be suitable for an elderly man. My grandfather just lost his wife back in May of this year and just transition into a retirement home which has been rough on him but is continually longing for a new dog to help make that transition easier. He has owned several dogs, mostly mini poodles, in the past and the facility he is in would help assist him for caring for the dog with taking it on walks, taking him to the bathroom outside, etc. We are on the look currently for a mini poodle or mini poodle mix female dog for him. If you have any information or guidance on where to find a dog that would be best for him please let me know via email!! Thank you so much!

  81. Hi I’m at disabled senior and I live in Las Vegas and I wanted to see if your dogs are ones that you can purchase the dogs from your place or do you already have to own the dog I lost my boxer a couple months ago and it’s breaking my heart and I’m too old and to disabled to train a puppy so please let me know my phone number is 702 656 4631 thank you Neil

  82. I attempted to purchase the leash and completed the payment via paypal but when transferring back to your page to complete the transaction I encountered an error and the page froze. I received notification of payment through paypal but no email confirmation of am order from you, can someone help me confirm that my order completely processed?

  83. Hello Alyson, I’m on a puppy list with Brasken Labradoodles. I looked at your website. Do you work with Brasken? . We live in Newport Beach, do you keep the puppy for training?
    Thank you
    Sue Willett

  84. I puchased one of your training leashes and my credit card was charged, however, I have not received the item. Please advise.

  85. I just ordered the FB special for the 3 training videos plus the learning leash for free. Then I got to the screen where it said that I can buy 3 leashes for $47 and get the book for free. I have a standard poodle and a bichon so I was hoping that I could get 1 regular and two smalls but wasn’t sure if it will give me that option. Really hoping I can though as I don’t want to have leashes that are not the correct fit. I will keep the browser open hoping that the deal for the 3 leases doesn’t expire before you contact me back because I really want the 3 leashes to help train my boys with good walking habits and I would really love the book as well. So if you could get back to me on whether or not if I can choose the options of getting 1 regular leash and 2 smalls that would be great. Thank you, hoping my boys and I have lots of success with these leashes! : )

  86. Good Morning,

    I’m looking into finding a companion dog for my father. He has severe depression, and is lonely for a good portion of his evening while my mother works or is with friends. Since my father still works, he doesn’t have time for training a puppy, I am interested in a dog that is fully trained and ready to be a companion for him, possibly one that would help him get out of the house and play with him so he has something to dote on.

    Thank you for your time,


  87. Hi,
    I was wondering what trained dogs you currently have available. Congratulations on all the good work you are doing.

  88. Where are you located? I’m in Los Angeles, CA and I’m looking to adopt a labradoodle up to 35lb size.

    What is the price on your dogs?

    Thank you,

  89. Hello there,

    I just saw the picture of Kara (trained puppy for sale) and I was interested in knowing the details and steps for possibly adopting her.

    How long before she can be adopted?
    How much is the cost of adoption?
    Is she a labradoodle?

    Thank you,

  90. Hiya- clicked on an ad on FB that stated if I ordered I would receive 3 training videos . Received my leash but no videos? Please advise as to how I can either get them as promised or return this leash. Thank you

  91. Hi, I would like to view videos for Leah, but no longer have Facebook. Could you email the videos?
    Thanks for your help.
    Susan Hedges
    Peoria, AZ

    • Thanks for reaching out to us Susan. Unfortunately our schedule is so jammed packed daily, I just don’t have the personnel capable to handle the personal requests of videos. Facebook is the only way to see the dogs–we post daily. We recommend using a friend’s or family member’s account to get on. We have many people that don’t participate in social media in anyway, and sign up for FB JUST TO WATCH OUR DOGS. NOTHING ELSE. All you need to sign up for FB is an email. I have clients that are CIA, movie stars and Grammy award winners – they sign up under a dog name or some fictitious character. If they can do it stealthy, I bet you can too. 🙂

  92. Hello,
    I was wondering if you can speak with me on the phone. I have a few questions. I do not see a telephone number for you.
    Thank You,

  93. Do you ever sell dogs to people who live far away , I hope, and how would that work. You have several dogs for sale that I would be interested in. We live in Atlanta. I love what you do and every time I see your Facebook posts I can’t stop smiling. Please let me know.

  94. Hi ! I am Reva from India . I am looking to adopt one puppy or a dog . Preferably trained one . Do you have facility to send the dog in india ? Kindly please advice

  95. Hi Alyson,
    My name is Jodi Freeman, I am looking for a trained Labradoodle (or another breed) in the 25 pound range for my parents who just had to put their 13 year old Wheaton down. They are in their late 70’s (but very young) and want to adopt a sweet, trained dog to spoil and dote on. We live in Scottsdale, Arizona and I got your information from a fellow Labradoodle owner (I have one as well). Is there any way of getting a phone number for
    us to speak? My number is 480-235-0198 and would love to discuss this further with you. They want to move on it right away. Thanks so much!

  96. I have lots of questions! My mom passed away 12/30, so I am not ready for a dog. Plus I put my beautiful cat of 17 years to sleep. I have researching doodles and am becoming more entranced by the breed. I am 60 years old so I don’t think puppies are for me. Can you tell me about the breed? I also am wondering about the therapy dogs aspect! I understand they are already trained. What would be the cost of adopting a dog like this?

  97. We are looking for an older puppy that is trained or semi trained for first time dog owners with 4 children. Thank you!

  98. Hello,
    A friend of mine mentioned that her puppy had attended your 3 week training course. We are very interested in adopting a trained dog. I saw that Kara is three years old and she is beautiful. How much are you charging to adopt Kara? Thank you in advance (: Katie

  99. Hello,
    My brother owns an Australian Shepherd and Boykin mix. He is about a year old, total sweetheart, and usually listens. We are wanting to make him a companion dog, but he has an insane amount of energy. No amount of running or playing has ever tired this dog out. Do you think there is a way to “train” him to be calm? What do you recommend we do?
    Thank you!

    • Dog training is easy until it isn’t, right. You have discovered what we know, you can’t command calm and you can’t compel acceptance. And you cannot run the crazy out of crazy—you just get a very fit level of crazy!! Calm is a choice. And it is possible. And yes, dogs most certainly can distinguish between being alert /energized and calm. We do it here every, single day of the week. Having said all that, even if your dog learns it does not mean that the dog in question has the aptitude for the job you desire. All dogs prosper and be fit needs from: focus, work, purposeful activities, structure, boundaries and earned affection. However some dogs, in the absence of those things in proper balance don’t navigate our human world well. And some breeds are more characterized than others to require more strict adherence to those elements. All my personal dogs prior to Labradoodles were working cattle dogs (Australian cattle dogs, healers, border collies, Mcnabs) is I totally understand the drives of those dogs. You don’t need crazy running. You need to engage the body and the mind and we can most certainly help you learn how to achieve it! Aly

  100. Hi Aly!
    We were referred to you by our breeder, MooCow Labradoodles. My wife and I are interested in signing up for one of your puppy boot camp packages. Our puppy will be ready for pick-up on 2/9. We would need help with transportation to your location. Do you have any availability? Thank you!

  101. I just visit puppy Blue at my friends house Nerija. She gave me your contact info.
    Me and my boys are wanting a wonderful Goldendoodle or Labradoodle. I was thinking of Almond Blossom as a breeder but I would love your help. I am open to any breeder you think is best with socialization. We would love a mini around 20 lbs. The boys and I both have anxiety and just went through a tough divorce a few years back. I work from home so I will be home to take care of the puppy. My boys are 10 and 7. 🙂 We live in Palo Alto but are willing to drive were we need to to get the best pup! Thank you!

  102. Do you have any therapy/companion dogs available now or in the near future?? Labradoodle preferred…size 30-40 lbs HELP please.
    Sandy K????❤️

  103. We are going to receive our Airedale puppy at about 10 weeks on 3/1 and would like to place her in training around 3/11 for the Diamond Puppy Package. What is your availability at that time?

  104. Hi Aly, Our sweet puppy (labradoodle) will be receiving her last shots (Rabies and Kennel Cough) on February 26th. She will be 17 weeks old and her name is LULU. Her breeder, Tiffany highly recommended you. I’m writing to set a date for our first training session/two week Bootcamp.

    I’m very impressed with your web site!!

  105. Hi Alyson,

    My husband and I are getting a new puppy in a few weeks (born Feb 2nd) and are interested in puppy boot camp. We live in San Francisco and would love to learn more about your “sleep away” program to help us with the initial puppy training phase. Please reach out to me by phone or email so that I can learn more.


  106. Hello,
    I noticed a dog on your page for sale name Christopher Robin. I was wonder if I would
    Be able to ask you more question about him. And the adoption process if I wanted to adopt him.

  107. I am a member of the ALAA and I am so interested in the training you do. The little that I have seen so far looks amazing and would be great to pass on to my future customers. What is the basic program a new puppy owner would want to know more about. I was thinking about putting a link on my website. Also what are you offering on FaceBook thru the ALAA.
    Thanks So much!
    Lindy Johnson

  108. Hello! I was wondering on what your pricing would be for your dogs for sale. My family isn’t sure yet that we are up for the commitment of a dog just yet. How much would a dog like Christopher Robin cost?
    Thank you!

  109. Good afternoon,

    My name is Diane Jellie. I am an elementary school teacher in South Florida. Many of my students are victims of trauma and struggle with forming attachments. I have researching ways to assist them in developing coping skills. Much of the research says animals can alleviate stress and greatly help children. I found your website and was wondering what your thoughts were on this project. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

  110. Hello! I’m interested in your puppy packages for our 4 month old labradoodle. Where are you located, and what’s your availability?

  111. Do you offer puppy bootcamp for breeds other than labradoodles as are pictured on your website? Do you have any restriction on breed types? Thank you in advance.

  112. Hello
    If I am interested in one of the dogs you have for sale, how do I learn more about them and initiate the adoption process?

    Thank you

  113. Aly
    I was referred by a neighbor that had great success with your training. I have a 7 month old Golden Retriever that i would like to send to your boot camp. Wonderful dog and loves everyone but needs training. Can you please contact me with your schedules. Still deciding on the Gold or Diamond package
    Thank You

  114. Hello.

    I’m inquiring about Traci and her price. Also Christopher Robin and Paisley caught my eye and would welcome your advice on the perfect match.

    We (my husband and I) are in the process of opening our home in Redondo Beach, CA to welcome a new dog. Our house is two stories with a fenced in backyard. We are a block and a half from the beach where all the dog owners walk their companions along the Esplanade. It’s just the two of us, and our two adult children have left the home. So our home has no children and no other pets.

    I’ll share a little bit about me so you can understand why we are welcoming a new dog into our lives. I’m 53 years old and last year I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in it’s very early stage. I am very active and exercise every day. I walk everyday, and also run 5K’s. I work out of our home as a life coach and inspirational graphic artist, so I’m home all day. My reasoning for welcoming a new dog is for the companionship and to keep my exercise level raised, because exercise is key for prolonging the onset of the effects of Parkinson’s. Another reason for welcoming a dog into our home is for the loving, calming effect a dog can offer. I have embraced the holistic side to my healing journey too, such as meditation and yoga, and I believe a dog is pure organic love and will help keep me grounded and in the present moment.

    I appreciate for feedback and time.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Kristie Scott

  115. Are the prices of your “already trained” …a little older dogs, based solely on their level of tng? I saw a standard sized Labradoodle that mentioned Elite training. I am already a Labradoodle owner. Martin is a chocolate/Black, aged 10 yrs last Oct. I started him in puppy kindergarten and he’s now a registered therapy dog! We continue with classes even though he’s graduated from all of them already. His favorite is the Nose Work classes. He’s really large at around 112 lbs. …Very spoiled as they should be…a totally inside dog although he has his own door to a large privacy fenced back yard with a huge covered patio. He rides in the car all the time! I actually trained him to add flash cards and he’ll bark the right number most of the time. He loves all other dogs and all animals. I’ve always thought I might look for a puppy as I’m retired and could go through all the training, but saw your business on line. Thank you in advance for your response.
    Debbie Moss
    Wichita Falls, TX

  116. Is Nolan still available. I would love to learn more about his personality n pricing. I was unable to see price per dog i only saw your incredible training prices. I have a loving 6 yr old collie who loves dogs n people we just lost our 13 yr old English sheep dog. Debra

  117. Hi Aly,

    O.K., so since being reffered to you and seeing the Dogs for Sale, I have thought of little else but of Paisley and Tracy.

    We are a family of four, wife and two kids and live in Petaluma. House with large fenced yard.

    I’d welcome the opportunity to talk with you about a dog that would become part of our family.

    Feel free to call 530-412-0694 and or email to

  118. Hi, yesterday I bought two of your leashes with loop and I was wondering if I could change the color of one of the leashes from purple to red?

  119. Good Day,

    My name is Susan Ginn. I am looking for a minature brown poodle. I am a 65 year old female. I grew up with collies up until I was 10 years old. I became allergic to the hair. My father use to board and show collies. We then got a standard brown poodle. I will be living on my own by the summer. I have a niece across the hall. But I miss having a dog on my lap. This would also help me because I could take it for walks which would help my health.

  120. Hey I want to get my Great Pyrenees trained.
    Do you do payment.
    I want her to be a service dog.
    I have taken her to puppy classes she knows basics.
    But I need to get her in advanced training to pass the service dog

  121. I am sure that the cost varies with each dog, but is there a ballpark range that we should be expecting to pay?

    Thank you

  122. I am a retired RN and am looking for a companion that will be able to be a team with me for service to local hospitals and nursing homes. I would appreciate your input on digs you may have available

  123. Hi there.
    There was a problem with my order
    Can someone please contact me to remedy the solution
    This is my second email, and no one contacted me

  124. Dear Aly,

    We are looking for a dog for our family and have some specific needs that I am wondering if I can discuss we you via email or phone?

    Thank you!

  125. How does one get in touch with you Alyson? There’s no email and no phone number that I can see. I’m looking at puppy boot camps and anxious to make a decision. I’d love to speak with you.

  126. Hi, We am looking for a golden doodle support dog for my 15 yr old son who has an anxiety disorder. I would love to be able to speak with you when you have a chance. Please call me when you have a chance. Any chance you have any older dogs that are trained service dogs?

  127. Hi,

    I am just looking into getting a dog so have some very basic questions. I would like a 2 to 3-year-old dog, hypoallergenic, and already well-trained. My husband is a therapist so we like to have a therapy dog for his practice as well as possibly to use in nursing homes. We are an older couple, close to retirement. I had a poodle as a child and truly loved it. I’d like an older calm dog for this phase of our life and I’m not sure of my capabilities to train, although I’d love to learn.

    What is the process that you go through to choose pet owners? What is the average cost of your dogs? It sounds like he may live in the western part of the US and we are in the Midwest. How could that work? Are there other considerations that I should be aware of!


  128. I sent an inquiry about one of the dogs Traci, but I wanted to be clear that I am flexible. After looking through your plans and packages I am not quite sure what the right fit for us and would love to maybe just be able to talk with someone about our wants and needs in a dog. Thank you for your time,
    Caroline Gayheart

  129. Hi Aly, Brandon at Brasken recommended you to us. Our family is in the process of adopting a puppy from them. Can you email me to discuss signing up for the puppy diamond package? Thanks & look forward to meeting you! I’ve learned so much from your website already 🙂

  130. Hi Alyson,

    My name is Bryan Stirle and I live in San Diego. I meet one of your dod owners down here in Del Mar. She purchased a male dog from you. We currently have a deposit on a dog but do not have an exact time the dog will be available. How does your program work? When are dogs available?

    Please let me know.


    Bryan Stirle

  131. Hello: We are considering a small labradoodle to become a member of our family. My husband and I are retired and we have one compromised mini schnauzer (diabetic) and our son has returned home temporarily with his mini schnauzer. All this being said, we would prefer not to go through the puppy stage so a trained adult would work best. We live outside of Oconomowoc in an 1840’s farm home with acreage. We have created a natural dog path that we use for our dog (they are always on lead). We do not have a fenced yard. Do you have a small labradoodle that might work well for us? Sweet personality, peaceful disposition, lap dog? If so, what is the price point for one of your special dogs? We vet at Cherry Hill Vet. Clinic/Rubicon and UW Vet Clinic Madison. Thanks for your attention to this inquiry. We are not in a hurry.

  132. Nicki from Premiere Labradoodles referred you. I am looking for an adult Labradoodle, preferably to bring home in May. Please let me know if you have adults available, male or female. I will provide a wonderful dog-centered life… I own my home with large front and back yards completely fenced, and an off-leash dog park and beach closeby. I work at home so the dog will rarely be alone. Thank you.

  133. I’d like to bring Lexi to camp for 1 week on April 8th. Please send me the PayPal link and the deposit required. I’ll still be bringing her back in May.

  134. Hello, we are on a search for a new puppy in our lives. We are relatively early in the search, and pretty inexperienced in dog ownership. Came across your site and very interested in your process and how to purchase a dog that has already been through the training process. If you could let me know some of that info i would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  135. I’m interested in an older Australian Labradoodle. I have a 22 month girl now Callie who is very lively. I’d like for her to have a friend in life-a male . Where are you located in CA? What is the cost of your trained pups?
    Caryl Label

  136. Hello,
    I am very interested in Colin. I’m very active, do not have any children or other pets. However, I many friends with labradoodles and goldendoodles so Colin will have plenty of playmates. I live in Maryland and wanted to know if you offer delivery. Thank you!

  137. Hi there! I am interested in learning more about your Trained Dogs For Sale. Can you please message me general information regarding pricing, location, health testing, etc? Thank you!


  138. Hi Alyson,
    I’m following up on an email I sent a couple of days ago – we are hoping you are available to help us pick out our newest family member from Brasken on 5/3 at 10:00 am? My family is driving down from the Bay Area. We have the 3rd pick out of a litter of 10, and really want to make sure we make the BEST decision for us and for the puppy! Can you please let me know if you are available for a consultation that morning?
    Thank you!

  139. Hi Aly,

    I purchased two of your learning leashes with loop online, March 22nd. I received an email saying the order was completed (order #2087), but I do not know if it has been shipped yet. We are in Canada – so curious when we should expect to receive our parcel.



  140. Hi – I’m so sorry. I just sent an inquiry to you about Colin and realized I wrote that we wanted a goldendoodle vs. labradoodle. We are open to either breed and are looking for a dog that will be between 20-40lbs. with some poodle to help prevent shedding.

    Thank you!
    Mandy Rassi

  141. We are the Berlin-Bulls — Donald, Robin, and our daughter Lily, age 13. We are ready for a dog, after years of thinking and planning. We live in Studio City, a part of Los Angeles, and we met a woman walking two dogs, who mentioned you. We love the Central Coast and visit there often. We would like to fill out your paperwork to find PERFECTMATCH, and hope you find us acceptable and trainable. We know it can take awhile.
    In the meantime, I will bone up on your site and videos. All the best,

    Donald Bull, Robin Berlin, Lily Bull

  142. Hi Ally
    My wife Jeannie and I met your pack on the Bob Jones Trail earlier today. We lost our 15 year old Aussie Female last November. Her pack mate is a 9 year old Aussie Middie and we are thinking it is time to get him a new pack mate. Your concept of selling older trained dogs is of real interest to us.

    Please let us know how to proceed

    Thank You


    • Yes Jim!!! We replied to you via email. My assistant helped me answer some emails. If I can answer any more questions…please let me know. I hope to hear from you soon!

  143. Hi! Had some questions about training. We have two labradoodles. Would love to see what you offer and if you do week training or how it all works.


  144. Hello
    I spoke to you several weeks ago and I believe you told me that a standard doodle named Traci was for sale. Is she available and how old is she now???

    Thank you so much



  145. Hi there-
    I replied to an email but then realized I’m not sure if that email is actually monitored.

    I was interested in Traci, I think you meant to send me an application but there was not one attached on your email.

    Thanks! : )

  146. I would like to know how much Nolan is. I’m looking for a well trained dog/puppy. I live in San Francisco! Thanks!

  147. Good afternoon… I have been looking for a dog for a while now and saw your website today… I will give you a little background about my situation…we had a golden doodle for 11 years that we got when we first retired to Bend, Or. I trained him from the time we got him at 6 weeks old and he was should a good boy with the best smile ever. We lost him about 3 years ago and were devastated. Soon after I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… I had surgery plus chemo and have been fighting the battle since… I am now in remission and would look to get another dog because I miss the companionship but I don’t think I have the energy to train a new puppy. I would love a dog about 40 to 60 lbs because we love the larger dogs. We love animals and would take good care of him or her. I don’t know the cost of your dogs or if they would be in our price range but I thought I would give it a try. I hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.

  148. Hello, my school district is exploring obtaining a therapy dog for students with autism as social emotional issues. I was wondering what the range in cost is to purchase a trained therapy dog for that purpose? I’m a teacher at the school and my husband, myself, and two little girls would be the owners and I’d be taking the dog with me to work (high school) each day (I’m a special education high school teacher). Thank you so much.

  149. I’m interested in information on an already trained therapy dog for my anxious high functioning autistic 10 year old. We live in Oregon.

  150. Hi Alyson–we are are on a beautiful quest to find an adult labradoodle (over a year old) who has had some training. We prefer a standard size. (over 45 lbs.) We had Maya, our perfect labradoodle for 13 years and are ready for our next four legged family member to join us. Do you have any available and if not could you recommend someone who does? Thank you! The Crawfords.

  151. Just wondering if you could give me a call? I filled out your owner information webform. But I need to talk about a unique situation.
    Gary Rademacher

  152. Hello! My friend is looking to buy a dog and loves Tina, is Tina available still and if so about how much is she?

  153. Hi! I’m interested in one of your trained dogs for sale. What is the process of adopting one of your dogs? And are the following still available- Shelby, Tina, Jessie. Thanks!

  154. Hi Aly,

    I’d like to talk to you about a trained dog……our family is looking for a doodle type dog, young and trained. We are a family of 5, I work from home and my wife is a stay at home mom. We have 3 teenage boys, our youngest really want a dog of his own.

    Hoping you can help, asap…………Jeff

  155. where are you physically located? I am in Minden NV
    Do you know of adult – retiring companion dogs?
    what the avg. cost? Are all you dog for sale been thru your training?

  156. Hello,

    My name is Don Heath. I am an assistant principal at a K-8 elementary in rural Utah. I would love more information. If you could please send me an email, that would be great.


  157. Hi Ally, My husband and I are in our mid eighties. We are healthy and care for ourselves with some husehold help and some yard help. I do some of the yard just because I love it. We both still drive. My husband lost his beloved lab last year and we’ve decided we need another dog companion. We are interested in a retired breeder or another trained dog. We like the doodle dogs because of their nature and no shedding. We would like enough training to make a pleasant and mannerly house dog; leash trained and able to ride in the car and be crated when necessary. My husband walks at the beach several times a week and would like a companion. We live alone in a rural community called Larkin Valley about 15 miles south of Santa Cruz California, between Aptos and Watsonville. We have adult children who visit on occasion with our grandchidren and greats together with their small dogs. Please inform us if we qualify and any suggestions you may have. We loved several dogs on the adult dog list. Thank you, Barara

  158. My husband has been looking at your website for weeks. He was really interested in Tracy, I came to find out only after she was sold. We have 2 dogs now. One is a 7 year old maltese. The other is a 2 year old mini bernedoodle (Bernese +Mini Poodle). I filled out the inquiry form from Queen Victorias link. I just want to make sure that you received our information. We are anxiously awaiting your reply. We can provide any further needed information that you should want.
    Thank You

  159. I am a dog lover, psychotherapist, and my husband and I are only “dog parents” we just recently had to put our 16 year old chihuahua down after a life and love that many humans don’t experience. We are looking for a good fit for the dog and us. Our dogs get the best care, experiences and love because we are a childless family that loves dogs and would like to find the “right fit.” Ideally we would like a very low shedding dog or no shed dog that could travel with us so a small size is important. Hypoallergenic would be great. If not one that is easily groomed so that if I take them to my office they do not inflame client’s allergies. I don’t mind if it is an adult if it is trained or would be willing to send to training. I have had a lab-sheperd-husky mix that was great with my trauma clients and my chihuahua was trained and wonderful with patients as well. For us it is about a “match” more than the breed. Any help or ideas you have would be great! We are looking to take on a new family member in the middle of August.

  160. Hi I really want to sign up for a puppy class asap. I bought and used your learning leash for the first time today when it came. I have used Gentle leaders before with other dogs but my puppy just kept fighting it. I watched your introductory video and tried it up and down the street. All I can say is WOW!! It worked first time out, not perfect but what a difference. I am an avid walker and want this girl to walk with me asap. Let me know about the class please.

  161. Hi – I live in an apartment and prefer a quiet, samll young dog as a pet. No kids at hime, just two adults, Let me know.

  162. Good morning. I am David and along with my wife Caryn and (13), Evelyn (11) and Ruby June (5), we are ready to add a doodle of at least one year old to live with us at our home in Armonk, NY. We are blessed with a private home on 2.5 acres with a dog fence already in place and Caryn is an experienced dog owner. We are generally indifferent regarding color -but prefer a smaller dog if possible.

  163. Hi Aly, I keep looking at the trained dogs and admiring them. At one time I saw the prices on them and haven’t found them again. Are they available? If so, can you please tell me where to look? Thanks. Barbara

  164. Hi Aly, we live in La Quinta, Ca east of Palm Springs in a home with a gated back yard. We have a small (she was supposed to have been a mini)8 yr old female, red tri Australian Shepherd that we got from a breeder in Bakersfield and a 3 yr old male Terrier/Poodle mix that we got from the local shelter. We’ve decided to look for a male mini-small Labradoodle. We think it might be easier with a male but we are open to either sex. We would prefer a young adult but we would consider a pup. I’d love to talk with you about your dogs and get your input.
    Dave and Shelley

  165. Hello, I am looking for a fully trained puppy that will will be under 12 pounds. We had a poodle that passed away about a year ago. We would like a female and somewhat open to breeds as long as they are hypoallergenic.

  166. My father who lives in Coral Gables FL with 24/7 help needs a companion dog. He has owned many dogs in his life, lost his wife recently, is very lonely, and would love to have a sweet, trained dog now. He prefers a medium sized non shedder. There are many family members around as well who are dog owners. Please contact me. Thanks

  167. Do you offer training and boarding for a dog on its way to becoming a therapy dog? Our 15 month old labradoodle (from Country Labradoodle) has been in our home for a year and we have worked with a trainer (locally with Jill Hall at and now want to move on to service dog (for our ASD son) certification.

    He was certified as a ‘service dog in training’ after 2 weeks of training and boarding with Teri Brown at Angelic Canines Dog Training

  168. We have a 8 month Rhodesian female that needs puppy school . I was recommended to call your from Brandon at foundry dogworks .

  169. I am looking for a trained dog medium to large size.
    I am 77 years old but I am moderately active. I would like a walking companion but not a dog with puppy energy.
    If you have a dog that fits that bill please contact me.
    Cell: 6307505200
    Email nac2xtreme

    Nancy Ciardelli

  170. Hello,

    Our family is interested in the puppy boot camp for our adorable, fun loving Winter. How can we get started?


  171. Hi Alyson….I was going thru the internet looking for Older Labradoodle Adoptions and found you! Would love to adopt a sweet doodle between 1-3 years of age. Could you please tell me what the process would be? I could not find an ‘application’ on your website.
    I live in San Carlos, CA (SF Bay Area) so it would be ideal if I could find a pup maybe within 100 miles? Just don’t fee comfortable having a dog shipped via air.

  172. We are looking for a dog for our 3 year old Andrew. Andy suffers anxiety due to drug exposure. Our pediatrician recommended a poodle, or poodle mix. I am not willing to give him medication to help him sleep, so this was the recommendation that will meet his needs. I hope you can help us to find him the perfect companion.

  173. Hi – I would be interested in a trained Doodle, on the small side, perhaps not a standard. I fear the training process from scratch – I work from home and I travel so starting with a puppy is a little daunting.

    I saw some available – where are you located? I am near Austin, TX.

    Thank you.

  174. We’re interested in a trained mid-sized dog and was looking at Kelsey. We’ved rescued dogs and had puppies in the past and we want to by-pass the whole house training thing. I noticed you’re in CA and I live in PA, right outside of Philly. Is it worth while to consider Kelsey given our distance?

  175. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and Equine Specialist in the Dallas Tx area. I’d love to get more info on your trained dogs. While I take many clients to a near by equestrian center for equine work I’d love to have a therapy dog in my office. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  176. Hello. I’m looking for a housebroken Havanese for my niece who lives in a group home and needs a small hypo allergenic dog that’s housebroken. If you have any information, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

  177. We are getting a golden puppy in Jan. and are very interested in your puppy boot camp. I have read your web site and couldn’t find a phone number to call. How do we arrange for our new pup to come to puppy boot camp. We have a friend that has one of your dogs and loved your program.
    Thank you
    Karla Peck