Training, Manners, Socialization & ‘Come When Called’ off leash (Platinum Package): $4200.00

A 2 week experience in this PLATINUM PACKAGE for pooches 20 weeks of age and older.

You may wonder why our Platinum COME WHEN CALLED OFF LEASH package is only 2 weeks, while our Diamond package is 3 weeks.  Here’s the reason: once we get a dog off leash reliably, it’s an absolute game changer in their attitude towards all that we are teaching them.  Your dog will say, “So let me get this straight…I get to run around, smell things, act like a dog, have fun and all I have to do is check in with you when you ask me to?  HECKY YA, I’m all in!!”

The ForceFree Method™ is an intuitive system of training that makes sense to both people and dogs. Effective and gentle, using an electronic collar that feeels much like a cell phone vibrating, the training method works WITH a dog’s instincts rather than against them. We are able to achieve dramatic results in such a short time-frame because off leash work is so incredibly gratifying for the dogs. It’s a game-changer for their mindset, and helps us re-set many troublesome behaviors and choices. We achieve off leash reliability, even with distractions, amazingly fast. Most dogs perceive the training as simple “pack cooperation” and play. Therefore, they quickly shed rebellious behavior, and give you more focus than you imagined possible. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than correction after correction? I am a certified trainer of this revolutionary method of training.

By utilizing all the proven strategies in my Pillars of Pack Leadership® combined with the ForceFree Method™, you will have all the tools required to successfully influence the mind and heart of your dog, even off –lead and from a distance.

This amazing training experience includes all the play, socialization, potty & crate training in our SILVER, GOLD & DIAMOND packages, PLUS a solid beginning in leash manners & basic obedience:  Let’s Go, Sit, COME OFF LEASH, No, Quiet, Paws up, Down, Off, Grooming manners, handling, Car riding manners.  Our dogs are immersed into our home life full of dogs, cats, chickens, goats, pigs, horses, and people of all ages and sizes!  We also have an emphasis on dealing with your older dog’s individual needs and specific issues, (jumping, counter surfing, digging, pulling on leash, barking, etc.)

Owner receives Daily Homework emails, video & pictures on FB, In-person graduation, GO HOME folder with “Schedule for Success” with transition protocols and access t0 our private Facebook group for ongoing support and education and INTRO TO ECOLLAR training video.