Pillars of Pack Leadership® 4 Lesson Package: $800.00

Over the course of 4 individual lessons, you, your pooch and the APBC team work side-by-side learning & practicing HANDS-ON strategies that help you to discover and develop the Pillars of Pack Leadership® and how to live life in a safe, sane and civilized way:

  • Mastering the Purpose-Driven Walk & Purpose-Driven Activities
  • Establish effective Respect of Space & Claiming Space boundaries
  • Establishing effective structure in your life together
  • Establish effective Feeding, Bedtime and Potty Rituals
  • Mastering effective touch, tone, timing & energy (Human Body Language)

Over the four lessons, you will be given tools to successfully express calm, confident leadership with your pack. Each week you and your pooch will work on specific strategies that are relevant for you and your pooch. You and your pooch will be given practical strategies so that you can have a balanced life that helps to make daily living pleasant for both you and your pet!