Weekend Warrior Package: PRICE ON REQUEST

Total immersion into the Pillars of Pack Leadership® in one weekend.  An APBC team members comes to you for an couple of days in your home! Here is how it works:  We come to live your daily life with you and your pooch. (Don’t worry, we won’t spend the night in your home) We spend our time together working both you and your dog at the same time.  We create your “Schedule for Success”, Rules to Live By and transition protocols &  tools for learning how to live life in a safe, sane and civilize way together!  We help you establish your routine in your home with your pooch. This package is complete immersion into successful Pack Leadership in a couple days. We will work on all the basic commands and focusing on the Pillars of Pack Leadership, working on the issues that are nagging you.  As you know from my videos, my training philosophy is that we train our dogs while we are living our lives! The Weekend Warrior Package is done on any day of the week, based upon availability. We live your life together. Expect to work and live your life with us from Breakfast through Bedtime. Depending upon the circumstances we can even work the Weekend Warrior package in reverse (That’s Aly’s Insider Training) , where you and your dog come to live with Aly at her place for an intensive immersion experience ! Contact Aly for details. (Travel charges apply)