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Our Learning Leash with Learning Loop™ is a dual-purpose, simple device that allows you to easily control “pressure and release” communication between you and your dog.



Aly’s LEARNING LEASH with LEARNING LOOP™ is a dual-purpose training device! It can act as a traditional slip-lead, which is more than merely a “leash”. Slip-Leads are simple devices that allow you to easily control “pressure and release” communication between you and your dog. Then, with a quick loop, you have converted your slip-lead into a LEARNING LEASH with LEARNING LOOP™.

Soft and supple, comfortable in your hands and comfortable for your dog, it is the most innovative and gentle no-pull training leash on the market. Its unique dual-purpose functionality will help you transform your dog from a pulling dog to a calm companion.

Our LEARNING LEASH with LEARNING LOOP™ comes in a variety of fun colors and in 2 sizes. All leashes are 5 ft. in length. Regular, which fits most dogs over 10 pounds, or the Small – which is thinner – perfect for dogs under 20 pounds and also for dogs with short snouts like boxers, frenchies, bulldogs, etc…

  • Safety Snap
  • Leash Lock
  • Hand Grip

Leash Sizing Guide

  • Small: For dogs under 20 pounds and short snouted dogs. Available in 5ft length.
  • Regular: For dogs 20 pounds and over. Available in 5ft. length.

Check out our Aly’s Learning Leash with Learning Loop™ Commercial!

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Small, Regular


Black, Camo, Green, Teal, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Lime

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7 thoughts on “Aly’s LEARNING LEASH with LEARNING LOOP™

  1. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Between Alys lesson and these leashes! It’s literally night and day!! My dogs have been transformed in 20 min! It’s crazy!! I recommend to get atleast a walking lesson, on how to use this Leash! It will literally change your life in your home with your dogs! If you have any chaos or un wanted behavior from your dog?? Get the leash and get an some lessons from Aly! Life changing! Thank you Aly!!

    • THANK YOU Heather! I loved seeing you and June and Knox really came along in just a few short minutes of Purpose-Driven Activity…right! I’m so glad you love my leashes as much as I do. Thanks again for sharing the news about what I do here!!!

  2. I posted on the Premiere Labradoodles facebook page about how wonderful these leashes are but want to post here also. I recommend these to all my clients and now I need to get more for myself. This leash is amazing and so versatile. I can walk multiple big dogs by using this leash, including one that had previously been rewarded to pull against the collar. It is simple to use and transforms into the right leash for each dog’s current needs. I highly recommend this leash.

  3. Instant difference and better tolerated then gentle leader. Took it off my medium goldendoodle, put it on my Brothers older male lab the notorious reputation for persistent mounting. Less than five minutes, walking around the house and was able to have him sit and be somewhat restrained. Several walks just around the house and his owner and was able to walk him ( previously unable because he pulled so hard on her shoulders ). My brother was so impressed he bought one on the spot over the Internet. Totally improves communication including reinforcing verbal communication while I’m walking with both of my dogs together with minimal tension. Also love the idea that nothing pushes against their trachea.

    • Stew!!
      Thank you so much for that review!! And…thank you for sharing with your brother! I absolutely love when dogs and their humans are able to live life together in a safe, sane and civilized way!

  4. I just can’t tell you how much I love this leash. I had results in 2 min. I couldn’t believe it!!! So I had to order another one.I have 2 austrailan shepards. I also did your free on line courses that were clear & simple.I can’t thank you enough.