SOLD Lil’ Red Riley-Micro Mini DOODLE AMBASSADOR ELITE Trained Dog

SOLD Lil’ Red Riley-Micro Mini DOODLE AMBASSADOR ELITE Trained Dog

  • Lil' Red Riley‘s Information

  • Dog Breed: Micro Mini Australian Labradoole

  • Age: 12 weeks

  • Weight: 4 lbs.

  • Likes: people, water, toys, other dogs, Everything!

Lil’ Red Riley Born 10/19/18. Riley is a ALAA MICRO-MINI Labradoodle that is a stunning red color, with a black button nose and should weigh under 11 lbs. when full grown. He is from the legendary pairing of Ben & Murille, the parents of my SUPERSTAR Doodle Ambassador family, the world-famous Lil’ Reds! Riley’s dad is Benjamin, the amazing mini-poodle that I’ve known for years and literally one of my most favorite dogs that I’ve ever known! Riley’s mom is Murielle, a small, fabulous ALAA caramel female that I’ve loved since the minute I met her. She is a delight and the mother of 1/2 of our very famous Lil’ Reds I also know her full sister, Ani, and she is amazing as well, and she is the mother of the other 1/2 of our Lil’ Reds. I’ve owned and trained pups from both of these females and they are legendary! Riley has an absolute bubbly personality. He is smart as a whip, loves to learn and wants to please. He is a delight in every way! I call him my little pocket pooch! Riley came from one of the best breeder’s I know, Becky, at Loveable Labradoodles. I’ve trained his siblings, Robin, Ryder and Rudy, and Rosie, Rory, Ruby Jane and Remi and each and every pup has been AMAZING in mind, body and soul!!!

Riley is our newest member of our Doodle Ambassador Program! My favorite breeders and I have created a unique opportunity. They are allowing me first pick of their very specially chosen litters. (mom’s and dad’s that I have requested to be bred, and when they do, I’d receive a pup–the pick of the litter that I personally temperament test) I personally evaluate these litters and until I select my puppy. The unique thing is:  This is a pup that I would want to be my own!  I’ve selected the parents, temperament tested by me, and they will be raised by me for 6 months before they go to their PERFECTMATCH™ homes and it can be arranged for our team to bring your pup directly to you! These pups are truly the BEST of the BEST. Best breeding + Best foundation+ Best training + the PERFECTMATCH™ chosen humans=BEST DOG EVER! I love it when the generations gather at Aly’s
Acres! You can watch Riley daily on FB at Aly’s Puppy Boot Camp by searching in the searchbar #apbcriley. (microchip 600 532 618)

Lil’ Red Riley’s Dad and Mom….

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